Sexy Metallic Gingham Low Back High Cut Thong Brazilian One Piece Swimsuit

$36.60 $57.19


This swimwear is designed to be minimal in coverage. Made with the chic checkered pattern that shines in a futuristic metallic silver hue, this bathing suit is perfect for those sun-soaked summer lying in the sand, as the backless design combines with the high-leg cutting and thong fit redefines the idea of barely there tan lines. Let the halter neck adjust for the perfect customized fit. Believe it or not, this style is sure to create your sexy swim style envy anywhere you wear it.

Size (in) Bust Waist Hip
S 34.6 36.2 38.2
M 26.8 28.3 30.3
L 33.5 30.7 35.4

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